Michael Silvestri - Classical Guitarist - 1953 - 2009

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It is with great regret and sorrow to announce that Michael Silvestri passed away from lung cancer on February 9, 2009. Although he will be missed, his wonderful music will never be forgotten. His web page will remain active as a tribute to his memory and to his musicianship.

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Michael Silvestri's Music to go to Michael's sound click page and hear all his music, see pics of Michael and his family and see what others had and still have to say about his music.

Rest In Peace, Michael. You are loved.

For more information, please contact Susan Silvestri at silverfox22@roadrunner.com.

Listen to samples (or purchase downloads or cd's) of Michael's music here at

Michael taught guitar lessons here in Maine, and you can still listen to his students!
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Guitar Lessons

Michael loved teaching! Watch Michael and his students here: Guitar Students on You Tube


If you are interested in licensing Michael's music for film or commercial use click on License Music
He is a member of ASCAP and has licensed hundreds of pieces internationally.

Click on watch a video to see Michael playing Leyenda at the Steep Falls Library